Double the Chances of Winning with Online Blackjack Switch

One of the fun variations on the classic blackjack game is online blackjack switch. Have fun with blackjack at sites by By dealing players two hands from which to play and offering them the opportunity to switch their top cards, blackjack switch allows players to double their chances of winning, if they make the right switches.

Making the Switch

The dealer in online blackjack switch gives each player two sets of hands. The bottom cards are stuck where they are, but players are given the option to switch the top cards to build better hands for blackjack strategy. For instance, if a player has a 10 and a 2 in one hand, and a 6 and 10 in the other, the player can switch the top 2 and 10, giving them two better hands. Now, the player can make the obvious choice to stand on the new 20 hand and hit the new 8 hand.

Other Switches

Online blackjack switch has a few other new rules as well. Players must always place two equal bets in order to receive the two hands. Once they decide to make a switch, the player can increase the bets on one or the other. After the switch, the hands are treated normally and all the traditional blackjack rules apply and make time for strategies for betting. There's one drawback for players in the new rules, though. If the dealer gets 22, he or she does not bust. Instead, the hand is a push, and the players do not get a win.

Playing online blackjack switch can be a lot of fun, asking players to make some careful decisions about how they want to proceed with online blackjack. It's a great way to teach new players how to build the best possible hands and then what to do with them.