Playing Double Attack Blackjack Online

Software developer Wagerworks has introduced a fun and exciting variation on the traditional game of blackjack, enjoy it here at site. Double Attack Blackjack allows players to play for high stakes with aggressive betting techniques and rules that will keep the most fast-paced players entertained.

The Rules

The game gets its name from the double attack players can make during the course of the game. Players make an initial wager to enter the game with blackjack online. Then they are dealt two cards and get to see the dealer's upcard. If the player feels confident, he or she can then double the initial wager, making the bet a double attack. From there the game is played normally with a few minor modifications. The dealer must stand on a soft 17 and players can double down after splitting.

The Deck

The main difference in the game is the deck. Double Attack Blackjack online uses a modified deck. Instead of the usual 52 cards, the game uses only 48 cards, eliminating the 10s from the deck with live games at Global Live Casinos. This modified deck is called a Spanish deck, and there are 8 of them used in Double Attack Blackjack. The sheer number of cards in play can make card counting incredibly difficult, so players may not be able to use the technique effectively.

There are also a set of side bets that players can make in Double Attack Blackjack online, giving them even more chances to win big for online gamblers. The Bust It! side bet allows players to determine how many cards it will take for the dealer to bust, paying off more money the more cards it takes to bust.