Using a Blackjack Insurance Strategy

One of the special moves in blackjack that few people actually know how to use well is the buying of insurance, get blackjack tips at Players can protect themselves and make up for losses when the dealer hits 21 by buying insurance against the possibility. In order to use the technique effectively, though, players must develop a reliable blackjack insurance strategy.

How Insurance Works

When players are dealt their cards, they place a bet on themselves winning against the dealer. Sometimes, though, it is impossible to win because the dealer gets a natural blackjack on their first cards with blackjack tournament. Players can make up for this immediate loss by buying insurance when they see that a dealer already shows an Ace. If the dealer's next card is a ten or a face card then the dealer automatically wins. If the player has purchased insurance, though, the player can actually earn money on this otherwise harmful circumstance.

The Odds in Insurance

Players must to use a blackjack insurance strategy to know whether buying insurance is a good idea or not. First of all, players can only buy insurance if the dealer is showing an Ace. If the deck is new, this means the dealer has an almost 1 in 3 chance of pulling out a natural blackjack or with blackjack switch. Players should keep track to know when most of the face cards have already been played and when they still have a good chance of being in the deck.

Insurance only pays out 2 to 1, so players may not always find it worth it to use the option with blackjack strategy. If they have developed a strong insurance strategy, though, players can save themselves from losing money even when the dealer gets blackjack.